If you found me, chances are you probably have similar interests and hobbies.

I am a writer, artist, mother, chef, housekeeper and business owner to name a few of my ever-changing job titles.

More than anything I like to help people learn.

You see, I found that a lot of people are blogging and using social media sites just simply to earn money without much intent or care about the readers.

While it’s awesome to earn money, I really think that there needs to be some thought put into the content created and a blog or website needs to provide real value. This is becoming harder and harder to find.

Sometimes if I find a product on Amazon that I am really passionate about, I add an affiliate link to it, however, I am not being paid by any sponsors or provided free product. All of my posts are my own ideas and I am simply just very passionate about sharing and helping others.

If you found a post of mine that you really liked, please do me a favor and follow me! Maybe even share my page? That helps me to get a larger audience, and maybe one day I can get paid the big bucks for doing what I love!