5 Baby Shower Pro Tips

“Oh thanks aunt Margaret, I’ve always wanted **insert terrible gift** for my child.” you say, feigning a smile. This is an example of a gift you received which was not on your registry, and probably something you will never use.

If you are like me, I never know what to say in these situations, and I certainly don’t want to be rude– so then I just end up keeping those extra or unwanted gifts so as not to rock the boat!

I had a friend give me a few tips which I found to be genius pro tips which in hindsight I wish I would have paid closer attention to in order to help the baby shower go the way that you want it to and to get things that you will actually use.

1. Don’t tell the gender of your baby:

This seems like an odd thing to do, especially if you are very eager to know the gender yourself and also to share with everyone. The secret behind this is that when well-intentioned family and friends purchase clothes, toys etc… they will be unable to get gender-specific items, making it difficult to shower you with things you may find that you don’t like. They are forced to get you items from your registry. Everyone wins!

2. Don’t Open The Gifts At the Shower:

While I was at my shower, I was made to sit down and open up EVERY. SINGLE. FREAKING. GIFT. After I was done, everyone pretty much got up and left afterwards. I was really bummed that my time was spent laboriously opening up gifts (something I would have preferred not to do, and people probably had no desire to watch). I would have rather just spent my time visiting with friends and family which is SO much more important to me!

After the baby shower I had a friend give me the best advice for my next baby: I could leave a disclaimer on the invites explaining that rather than opening gifts, I would rather spend time with family and friends visiting. That way, you don’t have the pressure of opening 893240928340 gifts at your baby shower, and people aren’t offended since you notified them ahead of time! Bingo, bango, bungo!

3. Hold a Diaper Raffle: 

Offer a prize (mine was a $50 Visa Gift Card) for one lucky winner at the shower. The admission was a small pack of diapers. Generally a small pack will run you under $10. In this way, you are generating an activity for the guests to take place in, as well as getting some sample packs of diapers for you to try out on your little one when he or she arrives. This was literally the best thing that I did for my shower and I was so glad I took my friends’ advice!

4. Have the Guests Write Their Addresses:

This one was new to me, but I went to a shower recently and the host past around pre-stamped envelopes and asked all of the guests to write their name and address on the return section. This way, the mom would be able to write the thank you card, place it in the envelope and send away! Cool idea, right?

5. Provide Food!

Wait, did she just say to provide food? Um, yeah, I did! I once went to this shower where there was food, but it was SO poorly planned that most of the food was picked over after the first 30 minutes, and what I did end up eating was not the best food I had tasted. You have to remember, ladies, not everyone enjoys being at a shower, so you have to make it worth everyone’s time!

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