Louisiana Chicken Stew

Although I was born in California, I sometimes like to celebrate my heritage which goes back much further than my current home. My family emigrated from many parts of Europe, and some of them ended up in New Orleans, Louisiana.

It was my maternal grandmother who was raised in the Big Easy– she was the one who passed down not only my palate for food, but taught me how to cook it as well. She could make anything amazing out of very few ingredients. One weekend when I was young, she came to our home for a visit and whipped up a Chicken Stew for lunch. I had never eaten it before, but it would not be the last time I enjoyed this amazing creation.

This was not my grandmothers exact recipe–but from my memory and some online searches for ingredients, I was able to create something that tastes very similar. I hope you enjoy this amazing southern meal!


• 1 full chicken, cut up
• 4 additional legs
• 2 additional leg quarters
• 1 stick salted butter
• Spices: Paprika, salt and pepper to taste
• 1/2 to 1 cup celery, chopped
• 1 yellow onion, chopped
• 2 cups sliced mushrooms
• 6 cloves garlic, minced
• 1 cup chopped green onion
• 2 Boxes [32oz] chicken broth *Pro tip: less can be used for a thicker consistency stew
• 1 cup flour


1. Start by melting the butter in a non-stick pan.
2. Add the chicken seasoned with spices as desired.
3. Brown chicken on both sides on medium heat and remove from the pan (you may have to do this in 2 batches).
4. Take the leftover oil from browning the chicken and slowly add 1/2 cup of flour. **DO NOT STOP STIRRING. Cook until golden brown.
5. Add celery and onions and let them cook down for a couple minutes.
6. Add chicken broth slowly, as needed while the vegetables cook.
7. Once vegetables are cooked down a little bit (about 5 min), add the chicken back to the pot.
8. Add more chicken broth as desired. More for a soupy consistency or less for a thicker consistence. Note: you can always thicken later on.
9. Cook for 30-45 minutes. The longer it is cooked within this time frame, the more tender the chicken becomes while on medium-low heat.
10. Add green onions a couple minutes before removing from heat.
11. Add extra seasoning if desired, and extra flour for a thicker consistency.
12. Serve with sourdough bread or over white rice.
13. Enjoy!

Note: You can add different vegetables or ingredients for different flavors. Some people like to add a bit of spice. Others like to add bell peppers. I don’t necessarily care for those flavors right now, but anything can change!

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