3 Steps to Living Without Fear

This morning I sat in my kitchen trying to get a bite of breakfast before my 9-month-old began his daily ritual of tearing the house apart. I suddenly heard a sound which brought me out of deep thought. It was the sound of tiny fingernails against nylon fabric. “What do I have in this room which has nylon fabric on it?” I think to myself, puzzled as to what my son could be into.

I walk into the kitchen to find my little boy CLIMBING his stroller which currently sits folded up in the kitchen for lack of a better storage location. “Holy c***,” I think to myself, “how is this kid so fearless?” I pull him off of the stroller and try to explain to him that what he is doing is dangerous, and he could fall and hit his head. As I pick up my small boy, I realize that he literally has no concept of fear or danger. I envy his sweet, ignorant bliss.

But what my son really has me thinking to myself this morning is this: what if we all approached life in the very same way as a baby? What if fear was not an option, and everything that made us take a step back due to fear of rejection, fear of failure, or just plain fear of the unknown was cast aside as a second thought and we approached all of our life yearnings as if they were just within our reach?

That book you want to write…maybe you haven’t written it due to fear of commitment, fear of failure and fear of rejection, what if you just erased all of your fear and moved forward with it, because it was your passion? That career or business which you want to launch; the non-profit you feel would fill a void in your community; the invention you think would solve the problems of our world?

If we all just approached non life-threatening circumstances without our primal fear, we could all probably be much better off. We could probably be in better jobs, some of us in better relationships, and we might even be in better financial situations if we just stopped fighting the fear which holds us back so often.

So today, I challenge you to follow the three steps for Living Without Fear and living on the path towards fulfilling your dreams!

Step 1: Take a long, hard look at your life and ask yourself the following (heck, take it a step further and even journal about it!):

  1. What do I strongly desire to do in my life which I have not done because of fear?
  2. What type of fear do you face with this task or project which prevents you from getting it completed or started?
  3. Are your fears in this category real fears, or socially constructed fears?

Step 2: After you think or journal about this I challenge you to take it a step further by creating a goal.

  • Create a goal from your journaling. It can be a small goal to start with; whatever you think you can accomplish in a short amount of time. You can work on progressively larger goals after you create the first one.

Step 3: Write up a plan for the next 3 months about how you are going to take the first steps to executing your plan.

  • Create a plan using an awesome tool that I read about* called a SMART Goal (to read more about SMART Goals, click here for a great article!). From the website mindtools.com, SMART Goals are:

-Specific (simple, sensible, significant).

-Measurable (meaningful, motivating).

-Achievable (agreed, attainable).

-Relevant (reasonable, realistic and resourced, results-based).

-Time bound (time-based, time limited, time/cost limited, timely, time-sensitive)

After you have your plan set up, make a commitment to see it through, even if it is just a small goal. Towards the end of accomplishing your goal, spend some time creating your next 3-6 month goal. This will get you working on small advances towards a big dream! In this way, you can work towards your dreams without living in fear!








*I am not affiliated with the mindtools.com website, nor is it work which I can take credit for on my blog. I found it to be a great reference while studying it as further learning at my place of employment, and I am including it in my post.

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