The Best Beauty Regimen You’ve Never Considered

I don’t know about you, but personally I have tried many, many things that I thought would make me look (and feel) “beautiful.”

I have colored my hair, straightened it, curled it, gotten a Brazilian Blowout. I have used different serums on my skin, many lotions, hair extensions, eyelash extensions, contouring, tanning, foundation, blush, shimmer, highlighting. You get the idea.

If you are a normal person living in the first world, chances are you have dabbled in some or all of these as well. We live in a world which is constructed for us; from a very young age we grow to admire celebrities and people who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars (and sometimes much more) to simply look beautiful. We see extreme examples of where women go to great lengths to have a certain body type (that they were NOT born with) by getting plastic surgery, wearing corsets, getting injections etc.

Disclaimer: I am certainly not judging those people- I am simply pointing out the great lengths, pain, and vanity we all go through in our society, in order to make ourselves look and feel physically beautiful; some more than others.

Once night, recently, I was having trouble sleeping. So I started scrolling through different videos on Facebook. Once one video ended, another would start automatically without my choosing. Then, the rabbit hole of beauty products, demonstrations and consultations began. I started watching one by one as different women, men and children started “selling” different things on Facebook Live feeds. It was like walking into an undercover infomercial. Of course I knew that these people were selling something even if they weren’t outwardly saying it; others were holding live auctions of clothes, makeup, jewelry, and even… wait for it… Pearl Parties!

Even though all of these categories were all separate, the common denominator of all these things was very much alike: If you buy/use ________, then you will feel _______.

Think about it for a second, because this can pretty much apply to anything. If you use this eyelash serum, you will feel beautiful. If you wear these clothes, you will be your best self. If you do your makeup this way, then you will find a spouse or get a good job. I’m sure we can all agree that this is true to an extent; that we have all been there, felt those feelings while pulling out our credit cards to make a purchase.

The truth is none of these things are inherently “bad,” and life is not that black and white. But if we rely solely on physical appearance and possessions, what exactly happens when we don’t have those things anymore? What happens when your physical beauty fades? What happens if you don’t have those clothes or products in your possession? What if your money or your job to provide your money was gone? What if your fame or popularity evaded you?

If all the things in your life that made you feel good went away, then You would simply be left with yourself, your thoughts and your character.

Without all of the physical things/possessions, how do you still feel beautiful, confident, secure in who you are? Well you don’t. At least not right away.

You have to get to the very core of who you are,  and search. You have to rely on something bigger than you- your higher power- to know that you were created just the way you were with NO mistakes. The same creator who made the entire universe also decided that you were needed. Every step you have made, every mistake, every blemish and every decision was pre-planned.

Yes, YOU were created to be exactly you, just as you are.

You with your height, your weight, your personality, sense of humor, loves, desires, moods, conditions, and accomplishments. None of those variables were made by mistake. The only variable that can really change within you is your desire and your drive to be internally beautiful.

If you make that choice, intentionally, every single day then you really ARE BEAUTIFUL! Please don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Whether you have accomplished a lot or a little, one of the biggest personal battles you can win in this life is loving YOU for who you are, with all of your perceived flaws and imperfections. If you have truly found peace with your own beauty, regardless of how the outside world views you, then you, my friend, have accomplished more than many people, past, present or future.

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