DIY Rustic Farmhouse Table Hack

 The DIY Story:

This is my story on how I came to create a DIY Rustic Farmhouse Table Hack!

Lately all I see on Pinterest and Instagram is “white, light and bright,” when it comes to furniture and decoration. Light, airy, minimalist, farmhousemodern, boho chic are all words that can describe what is found on every style blog and lifestyle Insta. But there is only one issue with this…light and bright 2019 is completely opposite from the previous decor trends which can be described as “espresso brown,” or “contemporary.” So essentially (maybe intentionally?) the newest decor trends are the exact opposite from what is popular now!

So Behind with Farmhouse Style!

I don’t know about you, but I am SO behind, and I just don’t have an annual budget built into my life that allows for constant style trends and updates. Since I’m really not one to throw away perfectly functional furniture, I sat down one day and searched through all of the sales at big box stores. I also looked at my local online yard sales.

It was all still either WAY too much for me, or just simply not what I wanted. Many of the stuff made today is super expensive, but also made of MDF which is not solid wood; so we’re paying solid wood prices for fiberboard? I would rather use what I have and perfect it into something I actually like for, like, 1/10th of the price. 

A Handy DIY Momma

I’m pretty handy, and so after I exhausted all other options that my bank account could not possibly compete with, I decided just to re-do my existing table and chairs set. My style inspiration: rustic “farmhouse style” complete with the glorious *white* paint that has been all the rage. I had a complex design and it was going to be absolutely perfect!

This all seemed like a great idea until I realized that I was 5 months pregnant and had very limited energy. I had a table to hack, and a deadline to meet to provide a table for our AirBnB before our first renter arrived (in approximately one week, yikes!).

Is this Hack for you!?

If you’re like me and you want something simple, clean and easy to do, this is the DIY for you! The DIY Rustic Farmhouse Table Hack!

Below is my table set before. It isn’t completely awful in this picture, but at this point I had owned the set since college which I had purchased from World Market, and there were some stains on it and some of the veneer could not be repaired. The table itself was hard wood on the inside so it was a really sturdy piece that I wanted to keep.

BEFORE the Hack:

Outdated Espresso Brown Table - Before the DIY Farmhouse Table Hack!

The DIY Rustic Farmhouse Table Materials

I sketched up a quick design and determined what I would need to get the job done:

  • To build up the new table top:

The DIY Process


I started by taking the measurements of the table top, and added a few inches to each side for the “overhang.” I don’t currently own a saw, so I went really simplistic with the design. I’ve seen many people with the right tools on different blog posts get really in detail and intricate with the design of a table like this. No sir, not me. I’m cooking up a baby and ain’t nobody got time for that!

What I learned early on in my DIY career is that Home Depot will make a certain amount of cuts for you (for FREE!) if you purchase wood from one of their stores. So I went in with the measurements, and voila! I left the store with perfectly cut wood and got to work. While I was there, I also purchased the above items for painting and staining the wood top that I was going to build, as well as to paint the existing table and chairs. 


I started by laying out the wood pieces on top of the table to make sure they all fit before I began attaching them. The picture below shows my initial test to ensure it was a go!

After adding the pre-cut wood to the table.


I started painting the existing table! Now for this step, I chose to do the paint on the legs and sides of the table before attaching the wood to the top so that I didn’t have to worry about covering up the work I had already done.

I started painting the legs and edges of the table as well as the chairs. I chose the spray paint version instead of the can of paint. because I have used this before and the spray paint goes on really evenly and dries super fast. It even has a paint and primer combined which has actually worn really well on the piece.


NOTE: I’m not a professional representative of Rust-oleum, but I have used their products before and I really like the type in the spray can! (No, this is not a sponsored post. I just really like this product). The product I used was Rust-Oleum Universal Satin (Paint and Primer In One) in the color White.

It took several coats to get this done. All in all I believe I used 3 total cans for the table and four chairs for my DIY Rustic Farmhouse Table Hack. Not bad considering this product is pretty affordable (*$5.94 on Amazon at the time of this post).

Rust-oleum Spray Paint Paint and Primer in One Satin (White)


After letting the paint dry on the table for a full day, I used the Gorilla Wood Glue to fix the boards to the table in the pre-designed arrangement. I set the boards with clamps, and let it dry overnight. After letting the glue dry, I took roofing screws and made sure I fixed the boards in really well from the bottom. I thought that this would be and extra layer of security for if/when I ever moved the table around. Over a year later, the screws have proven to be an amazing idea!


(SIDE NOTE: roofing screws!? Silly, I know…but they were self-tapping and literally becoming some of my favorite tools to use in my projects because they are easy to work with and super sturdy. No one would ever know the difference unless they were looking for it! And, look, I don’t claim to be a wood worker. I just like to make things look pretty and wear well. I don’t think my choice of screw is going to ruin anyone’s life, but it certainly has kept this piece together, if anything.)


Added a layer of Minwax Water-Based Pre- Stain Wood Conditioner to prime the wood for the stain. I’m not 100% sure this is a necessary step, but it certainly helped to keep my stain in place and looking fresh for the last year! I let this dry for the recommended time on the can.

Mid-Table Hack, Stain is being applied to the top of the table.


Using my Staining Pad Sponge I began to apply the Minwax Water-Based Wood Stain in the color “Slate,” which I got tinted at Home Depot. It went on really evenly and quickly, and dried fast so I had to work efficiently. I applied the stain in different thicknesses on each board to give the table a “weathered” look. You could apply it really thin or super thick depending on the look that you’re going for. I really love the way this turned out!

Mid-hack, stain is being added to this DIY Farmhouse Table.


After letting the stain dry, I applied a sealant with a soft cloth. For this projected I used Minwax Finishing Wax Paste which is a soft wax. I applied a couple coats of this, and it has worn really well over the year and a half that I have since used it. I did add some more recently just to keep the texture soft. You don’t have to choose this particular sealant, but this is just the one I had on hand and that I really like to use. It doesn’t smell, and it doesn’t make you light headed when you apply it like some of the others I have used.

Adding sealant to the DIY Farmhouse Table.


Enjoy! Below is the finished product in my house! It is hard to see in the pictures, but I did distress the paint a little bit on the edges. It gave it a beautiful, aged look and I feel like it could fit right into a farmhouse magazine! What do you think? Would you try this project!? Thanks for reading about my DIY Rustic Farmhouse Table Hack!

Beautiful DIY Rustic Farmhouse Table Finished Product!



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